Abdul Nashirudeen Mumuni



Official Name: Abdul Nashirudeen Mumuni, BSc (Hons. I), MSc (C'mendation)

Other Names: Nash, Abdul, Abdul-Nasir, Nashirudeen, Nasir-deen

Nationality: Ghanaian

Alma mater: PhD Student, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK

Research: Quantitative Single Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in    Depression


Project Supervisors: Professor Barrie Condon,

  Dr. Jonathan CavanaghDr. Gordon Waiter, Dr. Maria del Rosario Lopez-Gonzalez and Mr. John McLean



 Selected Academic Prizes/Distinctions

- Overseas Research Students' Award, Faculty of MedicineGlasgow University, UK (2009)

- SINAPSE PhD Studentship, UK (2009)

- Commonwealth Scholarship Award, The British Council, UK (2008)

- Unilever Best Graduating Student Award, Ghana (2007)

- Overall Best Graduating Student, University for Development Studies, Ghana (2006)

- Best Graduating Student, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University for Development Studies, Ghana (2006)

- Best Graduating Student, Department of Applied Physics, University for Development Studies, Ghana (2006)

- Faculty Award for Outstanding Performance, University for Development Studies, Ghana (2005)



Selected Membership of Societies

- Elected Student Member, The British Chapter of International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

- Elected Student Member, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

- Sackler Institute for Psychological Research, INS, Glasgow, UK



Academic Projects:

- Development and Optimisation of MRS Data Acquisition in Studies of Treatment-Resistant Clinical  Depression

- Absolute Quantitative 1H-MRS in Depression

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry: Protein Concentration Sensitivity